UK Travel Report 2016 – Infographic

Keep It Usable’s independent research into the UK travel market provides insights into the current UK travel consumer and the opportunities that exist for travel companies to increase their success in 2016.

Our research, conducted in the UK with 264 holidaymakers, aged 20-70 years old, helps you to better understand current and future UK travel consumers: which are their favourite destinations, how often they travel, who do they go with, how do they book, who are their preferred brands and what are the growing trends to watch out for in 2016.

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UK Travel Report 2016
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Is your business ready for mobile? (Infographic)

As smartphones (and tablets) swiftly become the norm, the need to ensure your business has a good user experience on these platforms is crucial. Did you know that half of all shoppers own a smartphone? And 38% of them have made purchases on their mobile?

In the next few years the number of smartphones will treble the amount of PCs! The smartphone is the lazy man’s computer. It’s also the computer they have by their side 24 hours a day, so why would they waste time turning on their PC when they can simply pick up their mobile? The answer is your customers won’t.

Having a mobile presence isn’t good enough though. We know from conducting many mobile user tests that mobile users are much more frustrated by a poor experience and badly designed apps. They’re more time stricken, less patient and more easily distracted by what’s around them. That’s why you need to make sure your mobile presence has the best user experience it can possibly have. Usability testing with real users is incredibly important to make sure you’re providing not just a user-friendly experience but one which meets their needs whilst on the move and will keep them coming back for more.

Mobile growth infographic