Expert-Driven Usability Insights

Identifying roadblocks that hinder your Business Success

What is an Expert Review?

Our usability experts walk through your product focusing in particular on the use cases most important for your business.

We carry out our own thorough set of guidelines based on best practice, previous usability study findings, our knowledge and years of experience to identify all potential usability and UI / UX issues. These hurdles could encompass anything from navigational missteps, form design flaws and interaction bottlenecks.

Our evaluation doesn’t stop at identifying issues; we extend practical, actionable recommendations to rectify any challenges, ensuring a seamless user journey across all platforms.

While an Expert Review is a cost-effective and quick method to spot and address usability concerns, its thoroughness doesn't compromise on the depth of insights provided.

An Expert Review is particularly beneficial for projects with budget constraints yet in need of substantial usability enhancements. Also, when paired with User Testing, an Expert Review provides a holistic, in-depth understanding of your product's UX.


What can we review?

Websites, mobile apps, products, software. ideas, sketches, wireframes, screenshots, software or hardware prototypes... right through to the final release.

When should an Expert Review take place?

While beneficial at any stage, early engagement ensures maximum value and return on investment.

How long does an Expert Review take?

This really depends on how many screens you want us to evaluate and how many use cases need to be analysed. The average evaluation normally takes 1-2 weeks.

What will I receive at the end?

You'll receive a concise, easy to read report summarizing the Expert Review findings, alongside actionable recommendations to enhance your product that you can implement immediately.

Highly recommended UX Design

After Usability Testing / Expert Review, we highly recommend that you work with our expert UX Design team. They'll use the research findings and their expertise in crafting User Experiences, to make design changes to your platform that will resolve any issues that were found during your usability test.

Our clients get much quicker and more effective results when they combine our research and design services.

Highly recommended UX Design

Invest in User Experience today

By choosing to elevate your user experience today, you'll not only meet but exceed customer expectations, thereby boosting satisfaction and ultimately, your revenue.