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At Keep It Usable, Usability is our expertise! We work with websites, software, apps, products and more.

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Usability Testing experts

We're Usability Testing experts

We've been conducting Usability Tests for many years. We've helped brands such as the BBC, Skype, Argos, Philips, Nandos, Microsoft and many more to ensure that their digital experiences are free of issues and barriers to use.

We are well known for our usability expertise. You’ll be working with very experienced practitioners with many years of hands-on research and usability experience.

Usability Testing with Eye Tracking

Eye tracking is just one of the biometric methods we utilise to gain objective, scientific insights.

Eye Tracking enables us to literally see through the participant's eyes:

  • Where they look
  • For how long
  • In which order

We'll uncover the whys behind user behaviour and interaction.

Eye Tracking mobile UX Research

In-Depth Research

As well as Usability Testing, we conduct a wide range of research. We delve deep to understand:

  • How people really behave
  • How they feel
  • What they think and why

Our researchers conduct research across the whole product development lifecycle, using a wide range of research methods and technology to acquire insights.

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In-depth UX Research

Why User Testing is essential for your business success?

Don't rely on assumptions. Get data-driven insights from real users. Even minimal testing can reveal the majority of usability issues—equipping you for both immediate improvements and long-term growth.

Immediate benefits:

  • Boost Conversion Rates: Convert your visitors into loyal customers
  • Elevate User Satisfaction: Create memorable experiences
  • Minimize User Drop-off: Say goodbye to usability roadblocks

Extended opportunities:

  • Unlock New Revenue Streams: Innovate monetization strategies
  • Fill Content Gaps: Know exactly what content your users are craving
  • Improve Operational Efficiencies: Optimize processes for user satisfaction and profit

In essence, User Testing is not just a problem-solving tool; it's an avenue for continuous growth and refinement. Make the investment to ensure that your business doesn't just meet user expectations—it exceeds them, boosting both customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

You invest in
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Usability issues

Highly recommended UX Design

After Usability Testing / Expert Review, we highly recommend that you work with our expert UX Design team. They'll use the research findings and their expertise in crafting User Experiences, to make design changes to your platform that will resolve any issues that were found during your usability test.

Our clients get much quicker and more effective results when they combine our research and design services.

Highly recommended UX Design

The one that strikes me most was the native application development and really getting to grips with user insights, then taking that user insight to design personalised wireframes.

Manchester Airport Group (MAG)

Invest in Usability Testing today

In summary, Usability Testing is not merely for troubleshooting; it's your blueprint for sustained growth.

Invest now to exceed user expectations, elevating both customer satisfaction and your bottom line.