Remote UX Research: Engage Users Worldwide

Connect across national and international distances to turn insights into product enhancements

What is Remote Moderated UX Research?

This is the practice of gathering insights on user behaviours, motivations and needs using tools that allow the researcher and the participants to be located in different physical locations. The research is conducted in real-time and can be observed live remotely. The participants can take part from the comfort of their own homes or workplaces.

Why invest in Remote Moderated UX Research?

In today's digital world, exceptional UX is essential, not optional.


1. Access to a diverse participant pool

  • Access your customers in any location for more representative UX Research findings

2. Real-time feedback and interaction

  • Instantly gather feedback as participants interact with your product, allowing for deeper insights through follow-up questions

3. Comfort and authenticity

  • Enhance comfort and authenticity as participants engage from their own environments, increasing the genuineness of feedback

4. Enhanced Data Collection and Analysis

  • Observe non-verbal cues and ask probing questions for deeper user insights
  • Easily record sessions (with consent) for analysis and stakeholder insight sharing

5. Improved collaboration and stakeholder involvement

  • Live or recorded session observations for deeper stakeholder understanding

6. Cost and time efficiency

  • Reduced costs on travel, venues, and incentives, typically higher in face-to-face research
  • Flexible scheduling fits better into participants' lives, reducing no-shows

Types of Remote UX Research that can be conducted

Usability Testing

Evaluate how easy and user-friendly a website, application, or digital product is.
Learn more about Usability Testing

Concept Testing

Gauge user reactions and feedback on new concepts or designs before they are fully developed

In-Depth UX Research

When it comes to creating a product that resonates, surface-level insights just won't cut it. Our in-depth UX research dives deep to understand user behaviour, their interactions and their underlying motivations.
Learn more about In-Depth UX Research

User Interviews

Gather detailed insights into users' attitudes, behaviours, and needs

Journey Mapping

Understand the user's end-to-end experience with a service or product

Prototype Feedback

Collect feedback on the usability and appeal of prototypes at various fidelity levels (from paper sketches to interactive digital prototypes)

Comparative Testing

Compare User Experience across different versions of a product or between competitors

Accessibility Evaluation

Ensure digital products are accessible to users with disabilities

Card Sorting and Information Architecture (IA) Testing

Optimise the organization of information on websites or apps for better usability

Some of our clients


UX Research specialists

In-Depth Research Specialists

With years of experience, we’ve been crafting highly effective digital products and services that not only resonate with users, but also drive action. We’ve helped brands such as the BBC, Co-op, Swift, Vodafone, Dnata, Vax, Nandos to elevate digital experiences, resulting in increased user engagement and business alignment.

We don't just scratch the surface; our In-Depth UX Research dives deep to understand the 'why' behind user behaviour.

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