How retailers should approach christmas 2012

online christmas shoppingThis christmas, British households are expected to spend £835. The majority of this will go on gifts, cards, food, drink and decorations, according to a YouGuv survey. Despite the recession, people are only said to be cutting back by £30 this year so there’s still a great opportunity for retailers to profit.

How retailers should approach christmas online…

Most retailers receive a large amount of traffic during christmas. Sunday is the biggest day for online spend, whereas Saturday becomes the biggest day for in-store shopping.

A lot of consumers are now turning to online for their christmas shopping. Less stress, no queues and the ability to save money compared to the high street is very appealing for people. This means you should really focus your efforts on online marketing, traffic driving and conversion optimisation during the first part of christmas.

…and offline

Of course, there comes a point where deliveries won’t arrive in time for christmas, so you then need to focus on driving footfall back to the retail stores. Services such as click and collect, discounts, sales and mobile campaigns can really help. How about in-store events too?