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Have you spent money on marketing to drive more traffic to your website? Have you used Google’s paid search or Facebook advertising? Well, did you know that spending money to get more people to your site is money down the drain if they’re not converting into sales? Most companies concentrate solely on increasing the numbers of visitors to their site in the hope that this will lead to more sales, when in fact, they would be much better focussing on converting their current traffic. For a minimal cost, it is a much longer term solution that results in actually costing your business much less than constantly paying out for lower converting traffic.

Here’s an example of your users’ behaviour:

  1. User is looking at a page of Google search results.
  2. They click on your paid link.
  3. They arrive at your landing page.
  4. At this point many factors influence whether they stay and progress further into your site or bounce back to the list of results.

Money spent on marketing is wasted with low converting landing pages

If you’ve spent money getting traffic to your site, the last thing you want is for the landing page to be a barrier to the user progressing further. This is why analysing and understanding the user’s behaviour and designing your pages with this at the forefront of your considerations is vital to keeping traffic on your site, increasing conversions and increasing sales.

Your primary focus should be ensuring the following pages are as effective as they possibly can be:

  • Landing pages
  • Top use cases
  • Contact
  • Basket
  • Checkout
  • Registration (if you require this)

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Sign up to our newsletter (on our home page) and we’ll send you each chapter as soon as it’s released so you don’t miss out on your free amazing kick-ass conversion handbook. First chapter: Who the f*** are you? will be sent to our mailing list on 1st March

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20 FREE eBooks you need to design an outstanding user experience / ux

Here are 20 free online ux books that will help designers to create a better user experience / ux and improved usability.

1 Mental Models in Human-Computer Interaction: Research Issues About What the User of Software Knows by John M. Carroll and Judith Reitman Olson

2 HCI Models, Theories and Frameworks: Toward a Multi-disciplinary Science by John M. Carroll

3 Search User Interfaces by Marti A. Hearst

4 Designing Interfaces by Jenifer Tidwell (patterns only)

5 Designing Mobile Interfaces by Steven Hoober and Eric Berkman

6 Web Style Guide by Patrick J. Lynch and Sarah Horton

7 Just Ask: Integrating Accessibility Throughout Design by Shawn Henry

8 Building accessible websites by Joe Clark

9 The Fable of the User-Centered Designer by David Travis

10 Converting The Believers by usereffect

11 Elements of psychology by Henry N. Day.

12 Learning, Remembering, Believing: Enhancing Human Performance by Daniel Druckman and Robert A. Bjork

13 Psychology and Industrial Efficiency by Hugo Münsterberg

14 Getting Real by 37 Signals

15 Time Management for Creative People by Mark McGuinness

16 Designing for the web by Five Simple Steps

17 Taking your talent to the web by Jeffrey Zeldman

18 CSS Cookbook

19 Knock Knock by Seth Godin

20 Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML by Elisabeth Freeman, Eric Freeman

and here’s one extra! ;)
UX Storytellers by Jan Jursa
UX Storytellers