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about the user experience / UX machine infographic / poster: the user experience / UX of a product (such as a website, software, app, mobile, etc) is vital to it's success or failure. 95% of website visitors leave before making a purchase and 83% will leave a website due to poor user experience / UX. consider that spending just 10% of your budget on UX can improve conversion by 83% - it's a no-brainer!
don't neglect your mobile UX / user experience either. mobile usage grew by 600% in 2010. 73% of users expect mobile apps to be easier to use than websites and 66% will download a mobile app based on a recommendation so your mobile success is incredibly dependent on having a good user experience / UX.

ensuring a good user experience / UX will lead to an increase in sales (conversion), credibility, user satisfaction, customer return rates, purchases, great reputation and positive (free!) word of mouth marketing.