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usability evaluation

our in-house experts will identify user experience UX and usability issues within your current design

what's in it for me?
  • increased sales by identifying usability issues/barriers and designing them out
  • shorter turn around time compared to other usability methods
  • inexpensive when compared to other usability methods

what is a usability evaluation?

when a usability evaluation takes place, our experts walk through your product focussing in particular on the use cases most important for your business.
we use our own guidelines based on best practice and previous usability study findings, our knowledge and years of experience to identify all potential usability, user interface and user experience / UX issues. these issues could be anything from poor navigation to unclear icons.
a usability evaluation is the quickest and least expensive usability technique for identifying issues with your website or product. it isn't as thorough or accurate at identifying issues as a usability test, however this method is perfect for limited budgets as our experts will be able to identify and rectify many of your current user experience / UX and usability issues.

what can we evaluate?

websites, apps, products, software
websites, mobile apps (applications), products, software.
ideas, sketches, wireframes, screenshots, software or hardware prototypes... right through to the final release.

when should a usability evaulation take place?

you will gain the benefits at any stage. however, you will get most value and most return for your money, the sooner we can start.

how long does a usability evaluation take?

this really depends on how many screens you want us to evaluate, how many use cases need to be analysed, how in depth you need the recommendations to be, etc. the average evaluation normally takes 1-2 weeks.

what will i receive at the end?

report: an easy to read, concise report of the usability evaluation findings, plus expert practical recommendations to improve your product that you can implement immediately. download a sample report

optional extras:

  • presentation - half a day to present the results of the evaluation and discuss your next steps.
  • consultancy - support afterwards to work with your team on design improvements.
  • user interface design - design changes or a redesign based on your usability findings.