we solve complex software problems by creating simple and intuitive user experience designs users love using.

about keepitusable
  • highly qualified, highly experienced
  • creative, friendly and enthusiastic
  • great to work with (100% happy clients)
  • engaging, profitable designs
  • effective results
  • world class quality
we are a super experienced team of interface design, usability, research, graphic artists and development. unlike other design companies we are a uniquely combined usability, user experience / UX and highly creative design agency, we offer you indepth knowledge gained from over 20 years of practical experience and education in the field of user experience / UX.

we work with cutting edge technology to deliver smart, simple, engaging, beautiful and profitable designs for mobile, web and software.
usability, research and persuasive design specialist. 12 years experience. MSc and BSc qualified.
loves: design psychology, talking to users, blogging.
over 14 years experience of designing innovative interfaces and interactions for award-winning products. expert in mobile and web UX.
loves: Apple, gadgets, social media, technology.

why us... we have the experience

  • highly quality work, effective results
  • we believe two heads are better than one. all our work always has the input of at least two user experience / UX professionals so that we can bounce around ideas and be more objective of our work to bring you the best, most effective designs.
  • highly qualified and experienced
  • everyone you work with will have professional qualifications in their area of expertise and many years of practical hands-on experience, from working with SMEs to FTSE 100 companies.
  • do you know we're mobile specialists
  • we've spent many years designing, researching and testing mobile interfaces for one of the biggest mobile manufacturers. it’s one of our specialties!
  • we're always on the pulse
  • everyday we check our sources to keep aware of what is happening in technology, design and usability research. we always apply what we learn to your projects.
  • effective results
  • our designs really work. see increased efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction.
  • world class quality
  • as professionals in our field, you can rest assured our work is of a very high standard.
  • we get great reviews!
  • don’t take our word for it, read what our clients say about us.
our happy clients say...
“we went for keepitusable because we were impressed by their focus on what actually works, rather than just what looks nice on a mock up.

keepitusable are easy to work with and now make a valuable contribution to our web application development process - they have good ideas and help us to keep things simple from a users’ perspective.”
“keepitusable took the time to get under the skin of a complex product configuration and come back with innovative solutions to long-standing problems.

I would use them again without hesitation.
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we work with companies, from SMEs to big brands :
British Cycling
Sony Ericsson