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usability testing

extraordinary insights into your user experience. discover how people really use your product and how you can make it even better!

what's in it for me?
  • increased sales by identifying usability issues and designing them out
  • watch real people using your product
  • benchmark and assess your KPI’s
  • hear what users think, see their clicks and facial expressions

what is usability testing?

usability testing (also known as user research or user testing) is the preparation, execution, observation and evaluation of bespoke research with real people whilst they use your product. we record and analyse the users’ mouse movements onscreen, their face using a camera and what they say so that we can thoroughly analyse everything to give you the best recommendations. we can also gather quantitative data (such as task completion times and satisfaction ratings), these enable you to easily compare differing designs for their usability.
extreme insights! eye tracking lets you see where users looked, for how long and in what order. marketing professionals especially enjoy this form of testing so they can discover if promotions are being taken notice of by customers. it’s also great for discovering if users are reading or just scanning text. read more about eye tracking >

usability testing

watch the video

what can we usability test?

websites, apps, products, software
websites, mobile apps (applications), products, software.
ideas, sketches, wireframes, screenshots, software or hardware prototypes... right through to the final release.
card sorting
card sorting
target users carrying out a card sorting activity for

when should usability testing take place?

you will gain the benefits at any stage. however, you will get most value and most return for your money, the sooner you can test.

can i observe the usability testing live?

yes! because we conduct our usability testing using a local usability lab, you are more than welcome to come and observe the testing as it happens. you can also view the testing live remotely via our streaming video technology. we also do ethnographic testing which due to its nature you are not able to attend in person, however we can still stream the video.

what will i receive at the end?

an easy to read, concise report of the research findings, plus expert practical recommendations to improve your product that you can implement immediately.
highlight video
we record users whilst they use your website (what they did onscreen, what they said and their facial expressions). we then create a highlight video to show an overview of the testing results.
presentation of the findings and recommendations

optional extras:

  • eye tracking - add eye tracking to your usability test and literally see through your users’ eyes.
  • consultancy - support afterwards to work with your team on design improvements.
  • user interface design - design changes or a redesign based on your usability findings.