our work: Xenzone - usability evaluation / design case study

redesign and build of Xenzone’s website - leading UK provider of online counselling services

home page before:
the old Xenzone website
Xenzone’s old website really confused us when we first visited it. knowing they were a company that delivered counselling, we were expecting soft colours and a friendly informal feel amongst others. what the site actually delivered was a very formal, business-like look and feel and the stock images conveyed uncredible and confusing messages.
how we worked our magic
firstly, we sat down and discussed with the team what their aims were for the website, which pages they really wanted visitors to look at and what action(s) they wanted them to take. we also needed to know things like who were their target audience and how visitors arrived at the site. high on their list was a good user experience / UX and usability. we redesigned the whole website, focussing the interaction design and navigation on simplicity and ease of use, making it incredibly user friendly, all within a very short delivery time frame. consideration was given to the design elements that would motivate visitors to the site to ‘act’
what we did (home page)
major promotion of their main product. we positioned Kooth clearly on the homepage, instead of it being buried away. we included a promotional video to engage site visitors and a large, red call-to-action button to increase visits to the Kooth product page. a user testimonial was placed below the video in handwritten font to increase credibility of the product. Kooth was also given it’s own tab in the navigation area.
enhanced credibility and trustworthiness of the team. we removed all stock photos from the home page and replaced them with a lovely photo of the counselling team. real photos like this are proven to be more persuasive.
removed any doubt that online counselling was less effective. we knew that visitors may question whether online counselling was really as effective as face-to-face so we included statistics as evidence to erase any doubt.
made it very clear what they do. the first two lines the user reads include the words ‘online counselling’ making it immediately obvious within a couple of seconds what they should expect from this company.
persuasive copy. we cut the text down as much as we could and reworded it to have more impact. ‘Award winning counselling services’ immediately tells the reader that this company has been judged by very credible sources as being the best. It’s impressive and provides reassurance.
newsletter signup. this was moved onto the home page design to increase the potential for email marketing campaigns.
products coming soon. rather than hiding away products not yet launched, we clearly positioned them on the home page to gain interest.
what they thought
“We went for keepitusable because we were impressed by their focus on what actually works, rather than just what looks nice on a mock up. Keepitusable are easy to work with and now make a valuable contribution to our web application development process - they have good ideas and help us to keep things simple from a users’ perspective.”
Stephen Donohoe - Director
we're delighted with our work and partnership with Keepitusable.
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