buhler sortex
Buhler Sortex is the world leader in innovation and delivery of optical sorting solutions to the global food and non-food processing industries.
"Keepitusable delivered a thorough, considered, and innovative solution to the challenges that our User Interface presents.
We worked with Keepitusable to improve the user experience of one of our product ranges. They took the time to fully understand our complicated industrial product and diverse international customer base... using informal interim submissions and reviews to ensure they were working along the right lines."
David Kinsella - Project Manager, Buhler Sortex
Qwell counselling : online counselling for adults.
“We‘re delighted with our work and our partnership with
Steve Donohoe - Xenzone Co-founder
Tipik: Communication Agency
"Keep It Usable were an absolute pleasure to work with. We received incredible insights into user experience issues on the website.
The resulting report was client-oriented and easy to understand. The team are highly knowledgeable and great to work with. Friendly, helpful and quick to respond to communication. They were flexible and quickly adapted to our working methodology. We’re looking forward to working together again!"
Régine Lambrecht - E-fficiency Coordinator, Tipik
what we did : usability evaluation, usability report
black sheep press
Black Sheep Press are providers of speech and language resources for children.
"Our one regret is that we did not involve Keepitusable at the design stage - we will next time!
We asked Keepitusable to provide a usability report on an iPad app that was nearing completion. The report proved to be extremely useful: detailed, concise, constructive and comprehensive, improving every screen.
Every sentence spelt out the changes required and why. The format enabled our programmers to easily see the need for changes and everyone could accept the proposals without feeling devalued. The changes will have a major positive impact on the users’ experience.
I wholeheartedly recommend Keepitusable to anyone who cares about the usability of their applications.
Great to work with and value for money."
Alan Henson - Director, Black Sheep Press Ltd
what we did : usability evaluation, usability report
sqoshi the 21st century way to explore products and fashion that people really own and use.
sqoshi users are saying...
“it’s good cos you can see people’s personalities through what they have.”
“when you see what people have, you want it!”
“it’s like a visual diary of stuff.”
“it’s refreshing to see something new cos i’m bored of Facebook...there’s just so many people on there that i’m not interested in.”
“i like how you can see the background...it’s good...makes you more individual.”
“your profile is you on a page - everything you are into.”
“other social networks are quite soulless... not about the little things that make you and your interests.”
“it just looks really neat.”
“it looks awesome, really arty & cool.”
...and importantly they all think sqoshi is super simple to use!
“it’s just easy, it’s easy to use. it is really easy.”
“it’s dead easy to use... i’m really rubbish at new websites...i normally Google things to find out how to do it”
“i like the layout, it’s really simple”
“i like it cos it’s uncluttered”
“it does what it says on the tin”
“it just looks really neat”
what we did : user experience / ux, usability testing, market research, information architecture, requirements creation, visual design, specification creation, development, marketing
Xenzone : Online counselling
"We went for keepitusable because we were impressed by their focus on what actually works, rather than just what looks nice on a mock up. Keepitusable are easy to work with and now make a valuable contribution to our web application development process - they have good ideas and help us to keep things simple from a users' perspective."
Stephen Donohoe - Co-founder
Sony Ericsson : One of the top, global, mobile phone manufacturers.
"Ricardo is an extremely creative designer, who reaches excellent results through a balance of understanding user needs and delights, and understanding the technical and resource limitations of software engineering. He can demonstrate designs and elicit feedback by creating simulations of his ideas, at many levels of detail."
Sr Manager UI Design Open
"The work Lisa has carried out as a Usability Analyst on the projects that I have worked with her on has been second to none. there is nothing that phases her and she always delivers work of the highest standard, as well as being fun to work with!"
UI Design Project Manager
spotless interactive
KeepHopeMaternityOpen : local maternity unit campaign
"Keepitusable have been an integral part of our campaign team and we are most grateful to them for their tireless support, commitment and 24/7 availability! The design work and features on the web site they created for us were excellent and the site attracted many visitors, who were then directed to sign the on-line petition. Their advice on marketing issues - from design to emarketing to branding - has been invaluable and we would not have achieved the coverage and profile we did without their assistance, especially in such a short timeframe. We would not hesitate in recommending Keepitusable."
Lisa Kean - Keep Hope Maternity Open campaign group
what we did : website design and development, branding
spotless interactive
Spotless interactive : UX agency
"Lisa created material for our Mobile User Experience / UX course, which we ran at the end of 2010 for a key European mobile media company. Lisa drew on her expertise to pull together really engaging course content.
The course was a great success and we are running the course throughout 2011. Thanks to Lisa and keepitusable for their hard work on pulling this material together at short notice."
Ben Logan - Director
what we did : content creation for mobile phone training
Daviex : Industrial design supplier and bespoke product design specialists
"My experience of working with keepitusable has been exceptional! They have shown to be committed and enthusiastic throughout the project which instilled my confidence that they were going to deliver a professional and complete website. The end website product reflected accurately what my business is about whilst keeping the interface 'usable' and 'functional'. The website has made me feel more confident that the business will be a success, especially when liaising with prospective clients"
David A. Holt - Design Managing Director
Moogo : Make a website in only 10 minutes.
"To succeed in any online business, you absolutely have to have a site that works. keepitusable really opened up our eyes with their expertise, and made us realise the importance of good, usable website design and navigation, and its positive effect on our business. You should definitely let them do the same to your business.
fun. quick. effective. useful. insightful and easy-to-implement suggestions."
Heikki Tirkkonen - Manager
what we did : usability evaluation
Prevention Pam : Health and safety.
"Keepitusable are brimming with enthusiasm and expertise - they're outstanding! I can honestly say I am over the moon with my website. The re-branding, psychology behind the design and the support throughout have been amazing.
Keepitusable took time to get to know me, my company and most importantly the exact benefits i have to offer my clients - pure attention to detail. They develop clever ways to reach people in the best manner.
I could go on forever about this enlightening experience...the feedback from my clients so far has been extremely positive!!
Thank you - you've made me extremely proud"
Pamela Hamer - Founder
what we did : website design, branding, web development, copywriting, social media