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user interface design
what's in it for me?
  • designs that actively increase sales
  • increase effectiveness and satisfaction
  • much higher chance of success
  • great 3rd party reviews of your product
  • less rework: the right design, first time

what is user interface design?

user interface design is the process of designing interfaces (such as mobile apps, websites and software) where the user interacts with controls or displays. the aim being to ensure the user's experience / UX with the product is as simple and seamless as possible.
user interface design
the importance of good user interface design cannot be underestimated
mockup prototyping
at keepitusable we place a strong emphasis on simplicity, ease of use and consistency to create elegant user interfaces.
we focus on user centred design throughout every step of the user's experience / UX with the interface, we strive for a perfect balance between functionality, visual design and usability.
we also love inspirational design and believe there is no reason why a usable interface needs to be boring!
we make amazing things
designing intuitive mobile interfaces since 1997
designing for mobile isn't simply a case of shrinking a web interface to fit a small screen.
with our years of experience of working with the biggest names in the mobile industry,
we understand the pitfalls and what makes a great mobile user experience
(mobile UX).
mobile app
mobile android and iOS
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our websites work and wow!
persuasively designed websites / web applications that achieve the goals you want them to.
our extensive experience of designing highly interactive and super intuitive web software guarantees you a more successful end result.
you could see a return on investment of 400%! designs by keepitusable user experience / UX experts will bring you a much higher return.
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desktop and mobile
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software design that users love
we design super simple software for desktops, mobile platforms, tablets and other products.
our latest software project sqoshi! a concept we researched, created, designed and built ourselves.
we're very proud of our user feedback
“it’s just easy, it’s easy to use. it is really easy.”
“i like it cos it’s uncluttered”
“it does what it says on the tin”
“it’s a really good idea!”
“it’s dead easy to use... i’m really rubbish at new”
“websites...i normally Google things to find out how to do it”
“i like the layout, it’s really simple”
“It looks awesome, really arty & cool.”
desktop, mobile and products
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