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consultancy clinic

pay as you go practical help for your business

do you want to improve your website / software / app / product?
would you like more online enquiries or sales?
want to know how to increase visitors to your site?
book in with one of our doctors
  • invaluable advice for all your user experience / UX and usability concerns.
  • help with everything from content, usability, social media to your web strategy.
£50 per 30 minutes

what is a consultancy clinic?

a consultancy clinic is a rare opportunity to spend valuable one-to-one time with a user experience / UX expert working on your business.
it’s a chance to get your product reviewed by a qualified expert in user experience / UX, usability, online conversion and design.
you’ll receive undivided attention and practical recommendations you can implement immediately.
let us know what you want to focus on (increased enquiries? more sales? better social media?) and we’ll give you helpful, practical and most importantly understandable advice (we won’t baffle you with jargon!).
we’re great believers that you should do things the right way the first time around, so even if you don’t yet have an online presence make sure you book in for practical advice to get you on the right path for the best start!

how are clinics held?

clinics are usually held via Skype or phone call.
our consultants are also available to work with you in person on a daily basis. please contact us if you would prefer this.

who will i speak with?

you will speak with one of our experts who will have been educated to university level and have many many years of practical years of experience doing what they do best.
if you have a particular concern, let us know in advance and we’ll book you in with a doctor who specialises in that area.

perfect for small businesses and startups

our clinics are perfect for smaller businesses and startups who normally find themselves unable to afford the high costs of user experience / UX services, such as usability testing.

how long should i book?

obviously the longer you book, the more areas of your site we can analyse and the more recommendations you will receive. we highly recommend an hour as the ideal time. here’s an idea of the kinds of things we can discuss:
  • is it clear to visitors what my product/service is and what it offers?
  • how effective is the copy?
  • how effective are any images or graphics used?
  • is it clear where users should go next?
  • are your products or services easy to find?
  • are your products or services easy to understand?
  • what emotion or tone of voice does your design imply?
  • does your product/service match your customers needs and wants?
  • can users find the information they’re looking for?
  • how effective are your landing pages?
  • is your navigation clear and easy to use?
  • is it clear to visitors what my business is and what it offers?
  • how can i encourage higher usage?
  • how can i increase sales and conversions?
  • how can i make it more enjoyable to use?
  • how can i increase return visits?
  • how easy is it to purchase my products / services?
  • am i currently missing out on any opportunities to sell more?
  • how does what you offer compare to your competitors?
  • what can you do to differentiate your business from your competitors?
  • how can i encourage free word-of-mouth viral marketing?
  • how do i go about blogging?
  • how do i use social media to promote my business?
  • how can i focus the user’s attention on what i want them to look at?
  • how can i increase the chances of users clicking on what i want them to click on?

book in with an expert and improve your business!